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Protocols for Assisting Patients with Personal Care


Our days are usually spent doing activities of daily living. Among these is observing personal hygiene. Maintaining this isn’t just for grooming, but it is also an excellent protective measure against illnesses and diseases. Doing so is crucial, especially before applying wound care procedures. This is why it is of the utmost importance for people to maintain it as much as possible.

Most people can perform personal care tasks effortlessly. However, it’s a different story for physically challenged individuals who are dependent on home medical equipment in Florida. They may struggle to observe proper personal hygiene due to their limited mobility. Letting them do this on their own may seem harmless, but it could actually be hazardous to their safety. This is why it is best for them to get assistance from other people.

Some patients are hesitant to rely on caregivers in doing personal care routines because they don’t want to have limited privacy and independence. In reality, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Caregivers who utilize home medical supplies in Boca Raton, Florida should make it a point to prioritize the dignity and comfort of patients in assisting them. They can achieve this by following these guidelines:

  • Prepare clothing for a cover-up.

  • Provide a shower chair, if necessary.

  • Check the water temperature beforehand.

  • Use high-quality continence care supplies.

  • Make sure that the bathroom floor isn’t slippery.

Ensure the patient’s safety and comfort by following these tips!

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