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Is It Time for You to Buy a Raised Toilet Seat?


The average, able-bodied person wouldn’t think of getting a raised toilet seat. The distance between standing and sitting on a toilet is no big deal — it’s an everyday action that can be complete very easily.

However, for those with mobility limitations, pain, reduced balance or strength, and many other conditions, this act of sitting down and standing up can make toileting a unique challenge.

We at Kin Care Medical Equipment & Supplies care deeply about the safety and comfort of our clients. Thus, we strive to provide the highest-quality Medical Supplies in Boca Raton, Florida to help our customers improve their overall quality of life.

A raised toilet seat — one of the many Home Medical Supplies in Florida that we sell — is perfect for solving issues related to toileting issues caused by limited mobility. How?

By simply raising the seat of a toilet, you allow yourself and/or your loved one easier access to the facility by decreasing the distance between the user and the toilet. This can make a huge difference for people with pain and limited balance/strength and can even help restore their full independence.

So, is it time for you to buy a raised toilet seat? If you or your loved one are struggling with pain and limited mobility, then yes!

Get high-quality Home Medical Equipment in Florida from our shop, today!

We also sell Personal Protective Equipment to help keep you safe from illness and infection when you’re out and about.

Feel free to contact us anytime should have inquiries and concerns!

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