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8 Responses to Testimonials

  1. M.P.F.

    Very helpful,
    kind and caring place!

  2. Rabbi Robert Reiner

    Very understanding, patient and helpful. Gave the best explanationIve ever received about support compression stockings.

  3. Flo Weiner

    Freda is fabulous!
    I come here because of her. She is patient and explains everything. Your products are good too!

  4. Maria Figueroa

    Great Service!
    Freda was very helpful!

  5. Farnsworth

    Excellent care taking.
    Calmed me down, employee is amazing.

  6. S.J.

    They make you feel so welcome.
    And are very helpful

  7. Benjamin Kupstas

    Had what we needed same day. Prices were definitely more than amazon but couldn’t wait for shipping. Thanks to William for stay a few minutes late to help us out.

  8. Stephanie

    Very helpful, great product selection. Very personable with helping me find compression stockings.
    Highly recommend visiting this store for your medical needs.

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