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How to Deal with Bathing Difficulties for Seniors

How to Deal with Bathing Difficulties for Seniors

Bathing is a basic daily need. However, as we age, this common task could be challenging, especially for seniors with disabilities, illnesses, or age-related infirmities. Aside from providing dependable home medical equipment in Florida, you can do more in helping your elderly loved one achieve a better quality of life.

  • Ask about the specific concerns.
    It is significant to identify the problem first. For instance, check if your senior has poor eyesight, so you can provide more light to aid them. Concerning fears of falling due to mobility issues, we’ll be discussing personal protective equipment in our third entry.
  • Determine the best time of the day to take a bath.
    Decide what time of the day your senior can take a bath. It’s also necessary to discuss if full baths or showers are necessary. You have to remind yourself that elders have different preferences, from when the best time to take a shower is to what home medical supplies in Florida to use.
  • Install grab bars and use home medical equipment.
    Many falling incidents happen in the bathroom, but they are preventable. Aside from buying medical supplies in Boca Raton, Florida, you can avoid the risks of falling as well, by putting grab bars and using durable medical equipment, such as a toilet seat frame or a shower chair with back and removable padded arms. For privacy purposes, ask permission if you want to personally assist your senior in the bathroom.

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