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PediFix ‘4 In 1’ Super-Soft Toe Cushions


Protect corns & blisters on toe tops & tips
Separate & align crooked, overlapping toes
Help fight fungus & irritations between toes
Support bent-under ‘hammer’ toes
Position on top or under, & between 2, 3, or all toes
PediFix ‘4 in 1’ Super-Soft Toe Cushions gently separate, cushion and protect toes. These extra-soft foam cushions divide toes to absorb pressure and friction while comforting corns and other toe irritations. ‘4 in 1’ Super-Soft Toe Cushions help protect toe tops and tips, support bent-under ‘hammer’ toes and more. Wear on top or under, between toe, three, or all toes. Great for pedicures, too. Trim with scissors for a custom fit.



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