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Cast & Bandage Protector




Blue Jay, an elite health care brand has crafted the bandage protector with long-lasting PVC liners and a latex-free diaphragm so you can reuse it each time, over and over again. These cast protectors are unlike traditional plastic bags. The cast cover is easy to use. These can be slipped on and off conveniently with one hand. The waterproof protector will keep the cast or bandages dry in showers, baths and outdoor weather conditions.

Cast and Bandage Protectors: water tight seal helps keep your bandage or cast dry in the shower, bath or general outdoor weather
Construction: the cast protector for shower has been crafted using durable PVC liners which are reusable. Diaphragm does not contain latex
Easy to use: dependable, the arm cast cover can be put on with one hand and used over and over again; unlike conventional plastic bags
Warranty: Blue Jay bandage protector for shower provides a one-year warranty against defective products
Blue Jay Bandage Protectors Features:

One-handed use operation
Reusable and reliable
Forms a water tight seal
Arm cast: 20” long with a 5.75” diameter
Foot cast: 13″ long with a 5.75″ diameter
Blue Jay Dry Cast Protectors Effective Against:

Synthetic and Plaster Casts
Prosthesis and Bandages
Laceration and Rashes
Splints and Burns
Sizes: Hand, Short Arm, Long Arm, Foot, Short Leg, Long Leg


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