Home Safety Evaluations – Not All Issues Are Obvious

Staying healthy and safe within the walls of your home must be one of your highest priorities.

By Kin-Care Medical Supplies Staff

Growing older in your own home is far preferable to moving to an institutional setting.  Staying healthy and safe within the walls of your home must be one of your highest priorities.  These days, there is an increasing emphasis on conducting periodic “home safety evaluations” to make sure there are no lurking hazards within the home that can lead to accidents and injuries.

Most checklists for home inspections cover more obvious items.  These include the following:

• Are there loose throw rugs or frayed carpets?
• Are there grab bars in the bathroom?
• Are there frayed extension cords, or long cords improperly draped around the room?
• Are there sharp edges on furniture?

Beyond these more obvious items, a thorough home inspection checklist also includes many other items you might not come to mind immediately.   Here are a few:

• Is there a list of all current medications posted on the refrigerator?  It can create a crisis when emergency medical technicians cannot determine what medications a patient is taking.

• Do you have a step stool with a long handle that is in good repair?

• Is there a telephone placed near the floor, so that it can be accessed in the event there is an injury that prevents the victim from standing up?

• Are emergency numbers (including the neighborhood security service and a doctor’s office) posted on the refrigerator or location near a phone?

• Have all smoke detectors been tested in the last 6 months?

• Are all appliances working properly?  An electrical short in an appliance can lead to a fire.

• Do all windows and doors open properly and easily to access the outside, so they can be used easily in the event of a fire?

• Are all kitchen towels and potholders hanging far enough away from the stove to ensure that they do not end up on a burner?

• Do you have a working fire extinguisher that is less than 2 years old?

The foregoing is not intended to be an exhaustive list of items to check.  They are simply examples of a few items that might not be so obvious.   A complete inspection can prevent injuries and save lives, hopefully leading to happy and healthy senior years living in your own home.



Kin-Care Medical Supplies has many products that can help make your home safer.  Call us, or stop by the store for information and advice. 

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